Our mission is to advocate for the humane and compassionate treatment of all incarcerated women everywhere. We work for the release of all women who pose no danger to society, including those who are unjustly imprisoned. We strive to eliminate the over-reliance on incarceration, and to develop sane and sensible alternatives to imprisonment.

It is our vision that all persons who are impacted by the criminal justice system would be treated with dignity and respect, and that restorative justice will be the goal of all parties. Everyone in society would recognize that they have an important role in the process, in which rehabilitation must be a primary focus of the criminal justice system. We envision a future where female offenders could maintain their families by developing strong relationships with their children rather than having their families destroyed as a consequence of the criminal justice system.

We work to bring fairness and equity into the criminal justice system and to shift the focus to treatment and restorative justice. We educate the public, develop new legislation, implement new programs, and build resources for incarcerated women.



  • To aid in winning the release of battered women in prison who are unjustly serving life terms.
  • To lobby to improve the health and well-being of women in prison.
  • To raise awareness of the aging women in prison, and subsequently, lobby for improved medical care and compassionate release.
  • To aid prisoners in obtaining compassionate release
  • To improve the overall well-being, self-respect and dignity of incarcerated women.

Showing our commitment to these goals and the promotion of women in leadership roles, we continue to be grassroots activists who work collectively to bring attention to the injustices of our incarcerated sisters.

Action Committee for Women in Prison
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